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Texas Christian University


  • The Art and Science of Human Flourishing

    • ​Created by the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin, this mindfulness-based course draws on the wisdom of the world's religious and philosophical traditions as well as cutting-edge science to provide research-proven skills that promote resilience, compassion, and flourishing

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Texas Wesleyan University


  • Capstone: Saints, Sages, and Social Reformers

  • Internship: Practicing Compassion

  • Religion, Science, and the Environment

  • Studies in Comparative Religions: Vulnerability

  • Studies in Comparative Religions: Comparative Mystics

  • Contemporary Theological Issues

  • Studies in Philosophy: Religion and Race

  • Introduction to Mediterranean Religions

  • Introduction to Interfaith Leadership

  • Introduction to Comparative Religions

  • Introduction to Christian Scriptures

  • The Human Experience (Humanities)

  • The Human Prospect (Humanities)

  • Introduction to Ethics

  • Special Topics: Greece (Study Abroad May 2018)

  • Introduction to Philosophy (taught in Beijing, China, Summer 2016)

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St. Mary's College of Maryland,

The National Public Honors College


  • Modern Religious Thought

  • Feminism and Religion

  • Ascetics, Saints, and Sinners: Western Religious Thought (From the Bible to Batman)

  • Approaches to the Study of Religion

  • Topics in Religion and Psychology: Religion and Neuroscience

    • Cross-listed with Neuroscience minor

  • Introduction to World Religions: Comparing Commonalities and Differences Across Time and Clime

  • Introduction to Christianity

Rice: The Sally Port

Rice University


  • Philosophers Look at Religion: Skepticism, Faith, and the Good Life

    • A writing-intensive first-year seminar

  • The Mystical in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and America

    • Through Glasscock School of Continuing Studies

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The University of Houston–Clear Lake


  • Comparative Mystics

  • History of Christianity: From Jesus to Today

  • The Good Life: Pursuing Happiness with Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion (Basic texts course, Western Tradition II: Renaissance to Today)

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Université Rennes 2 Haute Bretagne, Rennes, France


English Language, Literature, and Cultures

Courses: Courses
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